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Introducing the Broom Comb!

The Broom Comb is an innovative new product that will extend the useful life of your brooms, brushes & cleaning supplies.  Watch our demonstration video to see the Broom Comb in action.

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Why a Broom Comb?

The broom comb was designed to solve a household problem – dirty broom bristles.  When sweeping the floors, the broom bristles would become filled with hair, dust, and various pieces of debris.  It is an unpleasant feeling and inefficient to take out the debris by hand, so the Broom Comb was invented!

A dirty broom cannot easily sweep and clean a floor, so the broom comb is useful for removing dog hair, cat hair, dust, dirt & debris from the bristles of the broom so it will sweep like new.

Simple Design


The Broom Comb is specifically designed to scrape down and remove any debris that may have accumulated over time on the bristles while keeping them knot free.



The Broom Comb is handy in any household and is very easy to store as it snaps onto the back of the broom, similar to a dustpan. It is made from durable High Density Polyethylene to withstand impact if dropped.

Ergonomically Friendly


The Broom Comb has an ergonomic design that fits well to your hand in order to provide you optimum comfort.

“My broom comb has been a great help to me, especially having animals in the house.  My broom collects a lot of hair and it grossed me out when I had to comb through it with my fingers.  The attachment on the end makes it easy to keep track of too.  I love my broom comb.”

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